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Capital protected forex products, how safe are they?

Forex products and EurivexAn increasing number of investors looking to play the highly volatile forex market are choosing to invest in capital protected schemes, which at least protect the original capital invested. With the forex market see-sawing in wild swings, making money is becoming more and more difficult. There are also groups of investors such as pension funds, life insurance companies and pensioners who can ill-afford to bear capital losses but still wish to have some kind of exposure to risky assets in commodities, forex, and stock indices.

That is why an increasing number of forex investment firms, forex hedge funds or even forex startups are offering capital protected products to attract investors. Here is how the scheme works.

The bulk of the money raised from investors, about 92-95% is placed in zero coupon bonds, with the objective that at the end of the period, the total will amount to at least 100 or equal to the original sum invested.

The remaining 5-8% is then invested in purchasing options so that in the event that the underlying asset appreciates or depreciates in line with the investment objective of the fund, the investors will receive the percentage gain of that particular market moving in their direction. In such a positive return, the investor will get the proceeds of the maturing bonds, 100, plus the positive return earned on the profit generated on the options.

If on the other hand, the market goes against the underlying investment, the options expire worthless and there is no additional loss on the investment. This means the investors get back their money as the maturing bonds expire.

The main risk is for the bond issuer defaulting. As with all capital protected schemes, the issuer does not take responsibility if the company whose bonds have been purchased goes bust. The risk is always with the investor.

For this reason, investors are strongly recommended to diversify their investments and select a variety of investments, so that even if the underlying bonds in a capital protected scheme default, the rest of their investments will be safe.

Unfortunately, the investor cannot instruct his forex broker or forex fund manager to apply stop loss protection since the capital protected products are tailor made for specific periods and will benefit if the underlying asset moves in the direction stated when the original investment is made.


Shavasb Bohdjalian is an approved Investment Advisor and CEO of Eurivex Ltd., a Cyprus Investment Firm, authorized and regulated by CySEC, license #114/10. The views expressed above are personal and do not bind the company and are subject to change without notice. Investing in markets and trading on leverage is highly risky and it may not be suitable to all investors since it carries a high degree of risk and you can lose more than your initial investment.

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